I received my Howa Model I500 yesterday afternoon and must say that I am extremely impressed with the custom fiberglass stock you installed on this barreled action for me. It fits like an old glove and really comes to my shoulder as if it were part of my body.
I appreciate the fine workmanship your firm has provided on this rifle and for the addition of the muzzle break, trigger work and jewelling the bolt as I requested. I look forward to many happy hours of hunting with this rifle and know that I will be successful in the field.
Thanks for your excellent service.
Charley Cooke
Honolulu, Hawaii

I received the "FN" with the new MPI custom stock yesterday & I just want to tell you your work is the greatest... It's exactly what I wanted & the fit and style is outstanding.
I only hope that I use the gun now because it looks so great...In any event, I scoped it last night & I intended to sit back and admire it for a week or two before going to the range.
Again thank you .... your service was timely as well & your MPI literature was right on target.... the stock is quality +++.
Daniel J. Adams
Government & Public Affairs
Ballston Lake, New York

I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your stocks.
For ten years in my business of repairing, custom designing and stocking rifles with composite stocks, I have been painfully aware of the fact that manufacturers with whom I have dealt have mis-represented their products. Customers have supplied me with other manufacturers' sticks and they have not lived up to the advertised claims.
Your product has surpassed all expectations as to all claims and stock design. I have used your product exclusively for the past eight years and I must say that the ease of bedding and the almost perfect external finish makes for a Gunsmith's delight. I have bedded many a rifle in all types of stocks, however, yours is the most simple which ends up with the finest results.
After seeing what the market has produced and the current availability of composite stocks your product is five star top of the line. I will continue to use your product exclusively for all my discriminating customers.
Edward J. Isenberg
Copperas Cove, Texas

I thought you guys might like to know how my Browning /Shilen A-Bolt (7mm STW) shoots. My first shots, after break in, went into a group that measured 1/2" by 5/16. This was only for 4 shots, as my first went 2 inches higher due to an oily barrel. The next groups of 5 shots, with clean barrels, were all 1/2 to 3/4 inches all day long! Regardless of bullet! I I only tried 3 different bullets so far but I am impressed. The best part is the reduction in felt recoil. This gun used to bruise and abuse after 6 shots. My shoulder hurt for days and I shoot big bores (.458 mags, 375's, etc.) well. Now, it feels less than my .300 Win Mag! Other friends who now have shot both rifles can't believe the difference.
I know the barrel from Shilen makes a difference, in recoil and accuracy, but I think your stock adds significantly. Again, I want to thank you all for a fine job.
Walter M. Kilburg
Plainfield, Illinois

A small letter of appreciation for a job that you did in stocking my Kimber 22. The job was very professional and it looks great. In a recent trip to the range, I shot a .483 5-group at 50 yards with this rifle; a considerable improvement over the wooden stock.
Again thank you for the outstanding job that you have done.
James L. Boylon, M.D., P.S.
Longview, Washington


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